GPS technology – the tender care over your children


When your child is missing, to be honest, is quit frightening. 

Every parent looks after his children, but are you sure that you are doing this in every single minute? In this case, how to be certain about our children’s safety?

Our web-based platform for tracking and monitoring RED SPOTS GPS SOLUTIONS combined with GPS software for mobile devices or personal GPS tracking devices gives you the assurance to know in every other moment where your child is. 

Does that sound as a reasonable solution for you?

The web-based platform and the mobile version gives you all features for constant monitoring of the location of your children.

The personal GPS devices for our product list are maximum compact and could be put into a child’s school bag or just into the child’s pocket – without any discomfort feeling.

Our products for personal tracking and monitoring have the feature for emergency (SOS) alarming and in some emergency cases this gives you the opportunity to prevent any harms to your loved ones. The feature for two-way voice communication allows the GPS tracking devices to be used as a mobile phone.